Pilates with June is Incredible! She is able to figure out what my body needs to do to heal areas that have been destroyed. She is able to take the craft of exercise and movement to help rebuild a healthy body -- Mine! Thank You June!

-KayDee C., 2014 

Last year I was involved in an accident and injured my back. After surgery and physical therapy I was still unable to do some everyday tasks such as  laundry, emptying the dishwasher and making the bed without suffering excruciating pain.  Since starting Pilates I have been able to not only do those tasks that were so difficult and painful but also find I have a lot more stamina.  Friends and family notice the difference as well.  June is a great teacher -dedicated and knowledgeable. She loves to share her knowledge and explains everything so you understand the reason and benefit of the exercise. .  She understands what I am feeling and offers alternate methods if one exercise is causing discomfort.  I feel blessed to have found her.  I highly recommend her to everyone and especially anyone with a back injury.   Thanks June!

 - Marie J., 2013

June is an inspiration! She's extremely knowledgeable and is constantly looking for new and creative ways to work with me and my physical limitations. She explains things clearly, is patient and caring, and is a joy to work with. I've been able to use what I've learned in Pilates in my everyday life and in other forms of exercise as well. Pilates works, and June is a great teacher.

 Ilise K., 2013


June is an incredible teacher! She is very patient and makes sure to work every little muscle. She breaks down everything clearly so you can really understand what you're doing. I'd recommend her to anyone! 

 - Jacqui J. 2012