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(2) Private Sessions Only $80.00

Or..... a 30 minute private session of your choice


Class Pricing

Private Sessions:

4 Sessions                  240.00 (60)

8 Sessions                  440.00 (55)

12 Sessions                540.00 (45)



Duet Sessions:

1 Session                    160.00 (80)

4 Sessions                  280.00 (75)

8 Sessions                  480.00 (70)

12 Sessions                780.00  (60)



Personal Group: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Props

1   Session                    25.00       

5   Sessions                100.00  (20) 10 Sessions               150.00   (15)


Mat, Cardio, Yoga & Dance

Drop In                     18.00

5 Classes                   75.00   (15)

10 Classes               130.00   (13)



Your Personal Foundation Course

As similar as our bodies are they are all different with a different story.

The Pilates Method is to be used differently for each individual.

During this course a personalized program & protocol is created for your body.


5 Private sessions with Master Teacher June

10 Reformer or Water Classes

Total:  $425.00

Each group class you will do your own personal warm-up to prepare your body for the workout possible. (4-5 in ea. group. Personal attention is given throughout all group session)

Private and Duet Sessions by Appointment Only

What is so great about group reformer classes? We all know the amazing results from using the reformer. One of the most important aspect of being fit, whether you have an injury or you are a triathlete,  is the science behind the reformer. It assists our bodies in maintaining posture and balance to get the best and most accurate results. However, there is one more piece to the equation. That is the Pilates Method. Certainly a person can use the reformer all day long, but without the Pilates Method they will get a minor improvement... of course you will need a really great teacher to make the method real in your body.  Without sounding too boastful, that teacher is Me... June. I've been teaching for over 35 years and putting that together with what Joseph Pilates has brought to us, well it's Magic!

Special Injury/Pre & Post Rehabilitation Package


12 Sessions per Month $420.00


machines, apparatus and therapy pool


Requirements: Must have an injury, a long term chronic issue or be in pre/post surgery.


This special therapeutic program was designed for those that have been hurt or not helped by the clinicians in Physical Therapy.


The pricing is designed to allow those who need the therapeutic treatment to be able to pay approximately what they would for an insurance co-pay.


This program is a partnership, as you commit to 3 times per week and possibly some homework, I will do everything I can to reschedule your sessions when life happens and you may have to miss.



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Private & Duet & Group Sessions Utilizes the Reformer, Cadillac, Warm Pool and Additional Apparatus