Why Do We Take Pilates?

By June Scharff

When someone tells me they are interested in taking Pilates, it seems it is for varied reasons. Some of the most common reasons are to improve balance, gain strength and flexibility, lose weight and post-rehabilitate from injury.

Before long there is a phenomenon that seems to happen as we continue with a Pilates regimen. We discover that this is more than exercise, and that there are many other wonderful aspects to the Pilates method that work all together to bring us to our physical and mental optimum. We are no longer “taking” Pilates; we are “studying” Pilates.


Taken from Joseph Pilates’ Return To Life Through Contrology, are the Guiding Principles and Movement Principles that facilitate long-term achievement. The benefits are both measurable and perceived:


• Coordination

• Strength

• Mobility

• Efficient Movement

• Flowing Movement

• Proper Posture

• Mental and spiritual rejuvenation

• Self-awareness

• Self-Confidence

• Restoration of natural animal movement

• Integration of mind, body & spirit

• Sense of well-being

• Enhanced quality of life


Whether you come to Pilates for better balance, weight loss or any other reason, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive many more benefits that will be with you for the rest of your life.


Pilates JH, Return To Life Through Contrology