The "C" Curve

By June Scharff



In Pilates you will often hear the terminology the "C" curve. There are four aspects to achieving the “C” curve. 

From a sitting position:


  • First, sit as tall as you can creating as much space as possible between the last floating ribs and your hip bones.
  • Second, continue to lift the torso as you tilt the pelvis; as if you are curving your tailbone up toward the bellybutton. The lifting should feel like you are making room for the pelvis to tilt. This is called a posterior pelvic tilt. As you do this, continue to sink the abdominals back further and further to the spine. 
  • Third, still lifting, bring the ribs together at the “T” point (the crease right under the chest, below the xiphoid process) and press the ribs back behind you. This should make your back appear rounded like a "C".
  • Fourth, become aware of the backside of your body. Your back should feel expansive. The back muscles should not be contracting; they should be at ease opening up to make room for the abdominals that you are pressing internally to the spine.

As you work in the “C” curve position, continue the entire time to create a more, and more, and more concave “C.” The abdominals in the front continue to scoop and go deeper and deeper to the spine while the back eases to make room for them.


It will take time for the mind to be aware of all four, but once you do, it’s like magic! You will start achieving things you never thought you could. Be patient it will come.