Keeping it Even

By June Scharff

We often emphasize the improvement to ones balance after using the Pilates method for a period of time. One major cause of having difficulty with balance is that there are some muscles that are dominant or stronger, and some muscles think they can just be on a break most of the time.

Here is a tip to keep in mind while doing exercises and many everyday tasks. Whatever part of your body is connected to the floor, stop for a moment and notice how much pressure you have on the right side and how much pressure you have on the left. For example, if you are standing, notice where most of your weight is, then even it out so you are standing with equal pressure on both feet. If you are lying down, notice the pressure points of the sacrum or shoulders on the mat, and make sure the pressure on each side is equal as well. You can do this with the sits bones while sitting, and the arms while in the plank position. It will become a little more challenging when you incorporate movement, but that is how you will start balancing out your muscles.


There can be a number of reasons why we start using one side more than the other, it is usually unconscious, and over time can cause problems. You can improve these issues or prevent them from happening by just keeping it even!