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Plank…Ugh or Awesome!

By June Scharff

In recent months I have seen the Plank exercise grow in popularity, and is often recommended on television shows such as Dr. Oz. I agree the Plank is a wonderful exercise; when done correctly it utilizes the whole body. So often I see the Plank shown as “okay, get in the position and hold it for 5 seconds”. I think that is where the drudgery comes from. If you do not use the proper technique, the arms end up trying to do all of the work which can put undue pressure on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. There can also be pressure and aggravation on the lower back.

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Pilates with June is Incredible! She is able to figure out what my body needs to do to heal areas that have been destroyed. She is able to take the craft of exercise and movement to help rebuild a healthy body -- Mine! Thank You June!


KayDee C., 2014