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Welcome to Pilates with June In Oxnard, Camarillo and Ventura County. We offer specialized training and treatment for joint mobility with decreased pain, as well as injury recovery and pre/post surgery preparation/rehabilitation. We design a personal program for each client according to their individual needs.  After over 30 years of experience teaching Pilates and Dance, plus Pilates certifications from the most comprehensive Pilates institution in the U.S (PMA), and specialized training in rehabilitative therapy, June’s mission is to always help others “Feel Better, Do Better and Live Better".


Our private studio utilizes the Reformer, Cadillac, warm therapy pool and mat for the widest range of rehabilitation and training. The most remarkable achievement of June’s career is the ability to reduce and or eliminate chronic pain for her clients.  June, having lived with chronic pain for many years, and recovered from surgery has developed a way to utilize the Pilates technique in such a way that from the first session you will feel better.


Over time you will educate your mind and body; each day your body will become stronger, more balanced and flexible. Before you know it, you will feel more peaceful and capable than you ever thought possible.



Private Reformer & Cadillac Instruction

Pilates With June offers excellent private Reformer and Cadillac instruction. Joseph Pilates' Reformer and Cadillac are two amazing pieces of equipment that are extremely effective for post rehabilitative level clients to high level Cirque du Soleil level clients. The wonderful thing about one on one training is having instruction that is specific to your body and your needs. June has what is referred to as a "good eye". With over 30 years experience giving private training, she has the ability to spot the most subtle variances in body mechanics. What might seem like a very slight difference usually makes a huge difference for the client. Because of this, the client improves at least 4 times faster than in group class participation.


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Semi-Private Sessions With Hands-On Attention

At Pilates With June we provide semi-private duet classes.  This is Kathleen, a runner and athlete for most of her life. Even in a duet session June provides individual attention. Kathleen's sessions are geared toward balancing her leg muscle groups and developing flexibility due years of being a runner. Her sessions are also tailored to relieve pain, and gain strength and flexibility in her thoracic spine due to a car accident 20 years ago.  At the same time, these classes are comprehensive and teach Joseph Pilates 7 principles: Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Breathe, Flow and Cardiovascular Conditioning.

Luxury Private Pool for Aqua Pilates

Many of the pre/post surgery sessions involve aqua training, as exercising on land can aggravate the condition. Working in the water can bring about amazing results without repercussions. A few of the many conditions that have benefited from our sessions are: back issues such as stenosis, disc bulges and scoliosis. Also, hip, shoulder and joint issues.

Private & Group Pilates Includes Reformer, Cadillac and Mat: Strength Training/Surgery Prevention/Rehabilitation/Cardio. Aqua (90 degrees & Private): Strength Training/Surgery Prevention/Post Surgery Rehabilitation/Cardio. Specialized Weight loss and Diabetes Management

Since June established her lovely quiet studio and therapy pool in Oxnard right off the 101 she has opened up a whole new level of expertise and service for the Camarillo Pilates enthusiasts and well as the Ventura Pilates enthusiasts.   


The Oxnard Studio is located at:

2470 Ivory Way

Right off the 101 in the Beautiful Vineyard Estates



Ph (805) 988-1720

Text (818) 631-2191


**Most Camarillo and Ventura clients are 5-8 minutes from the studio**




Why Pilates Method Alliance?

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) is the worlds largest professional association for Pilates professionals. PMA is the most comprehensive certification program known in the United States. All PMA programs and initiatives are supported by its sponsors and members. PMA members validate the association, and the association validates the profession.

The Oxnard Studio is located at:

2470 Ivory Way

Right off the 101 in the Beautiful Vineyard Estates



Ph (805) 988-1720

Text (818) 631-2191






The Elongated C-Curve - It's All About Lengthening

By June Scharff

Using The Elongated C Curve position gives the full benefit of abdominal work in Pilates or any other exercise class. It allows full usage of the abdominals, which gives flexibility and strength to the core. Doing the elongated C Curve can seem a little tricky; when you see someone in a perfect elongated C Curve it doesn’t look like a curve at all.

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Pilates with June is Incredible! She is able to figure out what my body needs to do to heal areas that have been destroyed. She is able to take the craft of exercise and movement to help rebuild a healthy body -- Mine! Thank You June!


KayDee C., 2014