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Lines of Energy, The Basics

By June Scharff

As you move forward in your Pilates classes you may hear the instructor refer to lines of energy. Lines of energy are a visual aid used to help the mind tell the body to work in ways that are subtle yet very much there. These lines of energy are also consistent throughout the work.


This is how it works: A line of energy moves in a direction and continues to move into infinity. You never want to feel like you are directing a line of energy to a specific destination. The head for example, you would not direct the line of energy to the head; you would direct the energy in the direction of the head, and into infinity. A line of energy never stops; it is continuous.







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Pilates with June is Incredible! She is able to figure out what my body needs to do to heal areas that have been destroyed. She is able to take the craft of exercise and movement to help rebuild a healthy body -- Mine! Thank You June!


KayDee C., 2014